The Qualification-Focused LMS

ComplianceWire is an award-winning, qualification-focused Learning Management System (LMS) deployed by 450 companies worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of employees logging in daily. The LMS recorded nearly 42 million training completions in 2016.

ComplianceWire was uniquely designed as a workforce training solution that meets both the compliance and performance needs of a global workforce in regulated manufacturing environments.  

Our clients have learning and development programs managed by HR, Compliance, Quality Assurance, Sales, and other departments:

  • "Role-based" job function qualification training;
  • "Local" and "Global" compliance and regulatory training;
  • Advanced Skill Set Development;
  • Performance Development and continuous skills development based on Competency Assessments.

ComplianceWire enables you to deliver and track programs related to compliance, qualification, and leadership development. 

ComplianceWire's latest release adds a dynamic, engaging and user-friendly interface. Mobile ready and easy to use, the new ComplianceWire Learning Management System can make your training better than ever before.

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Learn How ComplianceWire can benefit your organization:

  • For Life Science Organizations...

    ComplianceWire (LMS) is a powerful, Part 11 compliant and fully validated Learning Management System relied on by Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biologics companies to help improve productivity and reduce risk. ComplianceWire is the same platform chosen by the FDA to train more than 35,000 global, federal, state and local investigators.

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  • For Regulated Industries...

    ComplianceWire provides enterprise-wide learning management. Its powerful tools help address key challenges, including employee training, adherence to corporate and industry governance requirements, turnover and cross-functional staff utilization, safety and risk reduction and operation of critical equipment.

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  • For Emerging Companies...

    We offer a streamlined version of ComplianceWire that's scaled to the needs of emerging companies that don't require or have to pay for ComplianceWire's more advanced features.

    This solution is known as EduXpress. It offers all the time-saving administrative tasks you need to manage your training program, including role-based assignments, reporting and audit capabilities. The solution can grow with you, as you can add more advanced features as you need them.

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The Tools & Technology that support ComplianceWire

  • Data Center

    Our Cloud Computing model means that UL is responsible for the computer hardware, operating system, security and personnel needed to deliver our solutions – saving clients from excessive capital investments and operational commitments.

    Our expert learning management system IT staff is responsible for creating, managing and supporting our technology-based solutions, to assure that all systems run smoothly and securely in our wholly-owned, secure data center.


  • Integration with Mission-Critical Applications

    LMS Integrations

    A Learning Management System (LMS) gains significantly more power when it's properly integrated with other mission-critical applications.


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  • ComplianceWire Learner App

    Download the iPad App and empower your workforce on the go like never before. With UL EduNeerings ComplianceWire Mobile App, your employees will have access to their To-Do List and supports ComplianceWires functionality including CICS, quizzes, exams, forms, electronic signatures, EduFlex courses, and AICC courses.

    Download the ComplianceWire Learner App here