Meet CMS Requirements and Simplify Policy Training


Within the managed care industry, compliance teams are challenged in many ways to develop, distribute and track dozens of policies, establish a Code of Conduct, oversee internal reporting & feedback mechanisms and meet Medicare Advantage/Part D and HIPAA requirements.

A Proactive Approach to Compliance Programs

Our solution allows health plans to strip the complexity from their compliance learning programs, while establishing an environment for continuous improvement. That solution includes our ComplianceWire learning system, plus compliance-specific content and services, enabling you to better manage these activities:

  • Embed your Code of Conduct into everyday work practices;
  • Deliver off-the-shelf courses spanning critical compliance topics, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Affordable Care Act and Broker Training;
  • Our eLearning libraries are authored and maintained by the experts at Medicare Compliance Solutions ( - who have vast consulting and regulatory experience in the management and oversight of Medicare Advantage and Part D programs;
  • Manage the delivery of policies to both employees and third parties;
  • Build targeted risk profiles based on self-assessments;
  • Generate real-time audit reports that answer detailed compliance
  • Make third party education as easy to manage as internal training.
Our solution provides a more sophisticated compliance program where compliance officers can identify high-risk employees and nonemployees, deliver appropriate training and ensure an auditable receipt.


A comprehensive library of Health Care-specific courses enables rapid deployment of online training that complies with requirements of the CMS, HHS and HIPAA. Our solutions also facilitate patient adherence to treatment plans and self-care through specialized education modules that focus on individual conditions or treatment needs.

  • General Health Care
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Brokers and Agents

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  • Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Training

    An effective compliance program is based on the major health care compliance guidelines and tenets. Our Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest training content not only incorporates these tenets, but delivers relevant scenarios and interactions for effective adult learning.

  • General Compliance Curriculum

    This selection of courses teaches the basics needed to understand the importance of compliance as well as how a Compliance Program works. Drawing on the compliance requirements of the DHHS, the recommendations of the DHHS Office of the Inspector General, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and your organization's specific Compliance Program, we can fashion a compliance training curriculum that meets your compliance objectives.

  • Focus on Medicare C&D and Brokers/Agents

    Our comprehensive course libraries include timely education on the recent changes in Medicare Part C and Part D, as well as important topics for Medicare Brokers and Agents which comply to CMS requirements. These courses are further organized by functional areas, so that individuals with specific roles in the Health Care industry can focus only on topics most relevant to them. 


  • Learn why more than 450 companies worldwide rely on ComplianceWire®, our award-winning LMS, to cost-effectively achieve their quality, compliance and performance development goals.  

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  • Leverage our combined web-based platform and Learning Services team to create a customized and cost-effective solution that delivers and tracks content to a targeted global community of non-employees such as physicians, clinicians, suppliers, distributors, regulators and more.

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  • Our clients save training course development time by using our 500+ standard online courses, which are written by industry experts, and can be customized to meet your needs.

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