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HR Leadership

Human Resources is quickly immersing their skills into department activities. In addition to delivering traditional "HR" training programs, such as Harassment Policies and Benefits training, HR teams are also assisting department managers with performance assessments and development programs. The key is that HR understands how these programs can help retain high-performing individuals, and also ensure that knowledge transfer is occurring as key employees are retiring.

For example, HR teams can use our solution to build multi-level competency programs that measure current skill levels and put each employee on a learning path that ensures true development. The result is a more engaged workforce that remains committed to the company's mission.

UL has helped dozens of HR teams achieve their goals by reducing the time it takes to build training content and then build qualification and development programs that focus on specific skill sets that are unique to the Life Science industry.


  • Have our experts help you achieve your regulatory and operational excellence goals by developing your training matrix, adding risk management to your current GxP processes, writing your governance procedures, or preparing your team for external audits.

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  • Learn why more than 450 companies worldwide rely on ComplianceWire®, our award-winning LMS, to cost-effectively provide online regulatory and compliance training programs. 

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  • Leverage our combined web-based platform and Learning Services team to create a customized and cost-effective solution that delivers and tracks content to a targeted global community of non-employees such as physicians, clinicians, suppliers, distributors, regulators and more.

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  • Our clients save training course development time by using our 500+ standard online courses, which are written by industry experts, and can be customized to meet your needs.

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  • UL mdt

    UL mdt medical device testing GmbH is an EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited-and GLP-certified testing institute that conducts performance and safety tests on medical devices for international device manufacturers. Specializing in clinical and non-clinical investigations and helping medical device manufacturers to obtain CE-marking and international market authorizations for their devices. UL mdt complies with applicable laws, guidelines, directives and standards for all of their services.

  • UL's Medical Regulatory Advisory Services

    With UL's Medical Regulatory Advisory Services Team, you have a regulatory partner who can help you understand the specific requirements needed for market entry and also determine the most efficient path to save valuable time and resources along the way.

  • UL Medical and Laboratory Services

    UL helps our customers prevent and resolve complicated quality issues that could lead to recalls, embargoes, bans and liability. We offer nonclinical testing; usability, EMC and performance testing; safety certification; and compliance training to help speed unrestricted access to the global market.