Automate Your Role-Based Educational Programs
and Streamline Performance Management

Corporate Compliance


Corporate Compliance teams are tasked to oversee dozens of compliance programs, including required training, monitoring, risk assessments and more. UL Compliance to Performance provides both a mechanism to automate these programs, while also providing tools for compliance teams to measure and document knowledge transfer.

For example, compliance teams can deliver our "off-the-shelf" Anti-Bribery Course to global employees and distributors via our ComplianceWire platform, and capture learner activities using our online assessment tools.

In this way, compliance teams can easily analyze training results and also conduct follow-up activities based on high-risk indicators captured in these online assessments.


Our partnership with Berkeley Research Group enables us to provide consulting services that help clients build a custom training program based on the issues facing your organization.


  • Have our experts help you achieve your regulatory and operational excellence goals by developing your training matrix, adding risk management to your current GxP processes, writing your governance procedures, or preparing your team for external audits.

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  • Learn why more than 450 companies worldwide rely on ComplianceWire®, our award-winning LMS, to cost-effectively provide online regulatory and compliance training programs. 

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  • Leverage our combined web-based platform and Learning Services team to create a customized and cost-effective solution that delivers and tracks content to a targeted global community of non-employees such as physicians, clinicians, suppliers, distributors, regulators and more.

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  • Our clients save training course development time by using our 500+ standard online courses, which are written by industry experts, and can be customized to meet your needs.

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