The global pharmaceutical industry has been targeted for scrutiny by government regulators and enforcement agencies around the world for violations related to fair competition, financial management, government contracting, conflicts of interest and bribery. Escalating enforcement of the US’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act poses risk to both US and non-US companies. New laws including the United Kingdom’s Anti-Bribery Act, China’s Amendment 8 of the PRC Criminal Law and Australia’s Crimes Legislation Amendments of 2010 confirm the evolving compliance challenges to global pharmaceutical companies. Complicating the ethics challenge are country-specific laws such as the US’ False Claims Act, which has produced some of the most publicized prosecutions against global pharmaceutical companies.

UL’s ethics solutions address the needs of global companies for effective communication, enterprise-wide ethics education and strong ethics-based corporate cultures. We work with companies in every sector of the life sciences industry to create and reinforce corporate cultures, comply with evolving international laws governing business ethics, and minimize enterprise-wide risks of ethics violations. Our clients rely on our ethics services and resources including:

  • Global anti-bribery training (including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Anti-Bribery Act);
  • Customized, company-specific courses developed for employees, subcontractors and related entities around the world, available in 30 languages;
  • Anti-competition training including laws and regulations in the US, UK, and the European Union;
  • US anti-discrimination and retaliation training;
  • False Claims Act training;
  • Code of Conduct design, production, rollout and training (adaptable to multiple countries, languages and cultural considerations);
  • Ethics Communication Coach, a subscription service of quarterly articles, learning tools and materials for companies to reinforce laws, available in 30 languages for deployment around the world;
  • Conflicts of interest training (including laws pertaining to physician/industry interactions).

Global Regulatory Compliance Learning

Addressing International Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Requirements