ComplianceWire Pro Training

ComplianceWire Pro Training

ComplianceWire users form a community of learning and compliance professionals who are always seeking to identify best practices related to the platform.

UL Compliance to Performance offers a ComplianceWire Pro Training Two Day Event, in which we provide hands-on demonstrations of key features and real-world use cases. You'll learn tools, tips and tricks to make the most of your ComplianceWire experience. Certified users are recognized for having a deeper knowledge of the system, and the benefit of being informed on the best practices that are working among our many clients.

The cost of this two day event is $1495 per attendee Click Here to register.

Your Organization Can Benefit From Your ComplianceWire Pro Training:

  • More efficient learning programs with automation of user group criteria, recurring assignments and more;
  • Satisfy Managers and Auditors by delivering required information quickly, with intelligently structuring curricula and user groups;
  • Demonstrate teams' compliance status and developmental opportunities by providing more visibility to Managers;
  • Streamline essential functions such as monitoring on-the-job events, assessments, surveys and acknowledgements (Conflicts of Interests, etc.) by taking advantage of optional online tools (Exam Creator, Forms).

ComplianceWire Pro Training is conveniently scheduled at various locations throughout the year.

If you're in the Life Science Industry, we welcome you to also join us for our Complimentary Life Science Learning Series held the day prior to the ComplianceWire Pro Training. Learn more here.