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The two days following the Life Sciences Learning Series, we will be hosting a ComplianceWire Pro Training Two Day Event.

At this event, ComplianceWire administrators can gain a Certification that includes training to becoming a professional system administrator.


Day 1: Full Day – Life Science Learning Series

Day 2: Full Day - ComplianceWire Pro Training 

Day 3: Full Day –  
ComplianceWire Pro Training 

Please note there's a registration fee of $1495 for the ComplianceWire Pro Training Event. LEARN MORE >

Life Science Learning Series

The Life Sciences Learning Series contains a full day focused on critical industry topics that can help you improve the compliance and performance programs within your company.

The sessions offered are:

  • "Life Science Learning & Development Trends" - A review of critical technology updates in ComplianceWire and a review of UL's Annual Benchmarking Study;
  • "Understanding Validation in the Cloud" - An introduction to validation activities and how cloud-based applications are changing traditional approaches
  • "Optimizing Learning and Development Processes” - How to leverage learning and development technologies to add value to critical areas such as competency, workforce engagement, quality metrics, decision support, resource planning and more.

Simultaneously, we will be offering an Instructional Design Workshop and a xAPI Workshop in listed cities below for $595. They will be on the hosted on the first day of the ComplianceWire Pro Training Two Day Event.

Register for the complimentary 1-day Life Science Learning Series session, and/or the ComplianceWire Pro Training and/or the Insturctional Design Workshop or the xAPI Workshop using the links below. The registration form will prompt you to specify the sessions and corresponding dates you prefer to attend. 

 Who Should Attend:

  • Quality Assurance Managers

  • Training Managers

  • Operations Training Managers

  • Process Improvement Engineers

ComplianceWire Pro Training:

Life Science Learning Series:

Instructional Design or xAPI Workshop

APRIL 27 - 28
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Princeton, NJ, USA

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 xAPI Workshop 

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 Instructional Design


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June 6 - 7
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Boston, MA, USA

  JUNE 5
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OCTOBER 19 - 20
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San Francisco, CA, USA

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Instructional Design

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