White Papers

Read about best practices from our library of informative white papers. Our industry knowledge and expertise have resulted in a wealth of information in compliance and regulatory solutions.

Title Industry
2012 Clinical Training Survey: Globalization & Technology Trends Driving New Models Clinical
Preparing for an Audit: A Three-Part Series on Audit Readiness Life Science
Health Care Fraud and the False Claims Act Life Science
Addressing Key FDA Citations with Training Life Science, Medical Devices
How Medical CMOs Are Turning Training Programs into Market Differentiators Medical Devices
How Pharmaceutical CMOs Are Turning Their Training Programs into Market Differentiators Pharmaceutical
Making Training More Precise through Task-Based Competency Assessments General Compliance
Four Strategies for Integrating Mobile Content within a Life Science Company’s Compliance Program Life Science
FDA Inspections, cGMPs and the New “Health Care Fraud" Life Science
A Quality and Compliance Training Road Map for Emerging FDA-Regulated Companies Life Science, Learning Management
How Companies Can Reduce Costs with Cloud-Based Training Learning Management, Performance Management
Best Practices for Deploying a Learning Management System Learning Management
ComplianceWire Benchmarking Study: Life Science Compliance and Performance Trends Life Science
Mitigating Compliance Risk From Third Party Intermediaries Life Science
Four Guiding Rules For Structuring An eClinical Training Solution Clinical
Four Reasons Your FDA Compliance Training Is Not Preventing Violations Life Science
Integrating Clinical Site Performance ‘Best Practices’ into Education and Training Programs Clinical
Making SOP Training More Effective Life Science
Quality and Compliance: The Core of the Life Science Learning System Life Science
4 Lessons Learned from Corporate Integrity Agreements: A Roadmap to Effective Compliance Life Science
Compliance and Performance – A Practical Guide to Making ‘Behavior Change’ Stick Life Science
Gaining Multiple Benefits from Required GMP “Refresher” Training Life Science, Learning Management
ComplianceWire: 2012/2013 Benchmarking Study Learning Management
The SaaS LMS and Total Cost of Ownership in FDA -Regulated Companies Learning Management
Training Programs to Combat Fraud, Waste and Abuse Health Care
A Playbook for FCPA and Anti-Bribery Compliance Training & Communication Life Science
DOJ’s Laser Focus on GMPs in 2013 Life Science
Proficiency, Testing and Best Practices Learning Management
Using Training Data to Drive Up Quality Metrics Life Science
Learning from CIAs: How Their Compliance Mistakes Can be Your Company’s Best Guide Life Science
7 Warning Signs that Your Quality Program is in Trouble Life Science
Complying with 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records and Signatures Life Science
Indian pharma companies to soon get GMP compliant as mandated by US FDA Pharmaceutical
2014 Life Science Benchmarking Study Learning Management
How to Ready Your Organization for an FDA Inspection Life Science
Health Care Program Audits – 2013, 2014 and Beyond Health Care
Managing the Risks of Third Party Intermediaries General Compliance, Life Science
State of Supplier Quality: 2014 UL Survey of Medical Device Supplier Executives Medical Devices
2015 Life Science Benchmarking Study Learning Management
Blended Learning for Organizational Competitiveness Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Energy
A Tale of Two C's: From Compliance to Competency General Compliance, Learning Management, Talent Development
The Emerging HR Imperative: Five Insights for Bridging the Training Effectiveness and Talent Management Gap Talent Development, Learning Management
A Model for Training/Qualification Record Validation within the Talent Management System Talent Development, Learning Management, Life Science
Top Seven Risks to Consider When Selecting a Life Science LMS Learning Management, Life Science
Blueprint for Optimizing Supply Chain Control within the Life Science Industry Medical Devices, Life Science
Beyond Compliance: Competency & Performance
The Current State of Compliance Learning Within Plan Sponsors Health Care
A New Approach to Quality & Compliance eLearning Learning Management, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, General Compliance
Compliance Training: Cost Efficiencies of “Off -the-Shelf” eLearning Life Science, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Energy
IEC 60601 Am. 1 & Risk Management Medical Devices
2016 ComplianceWire Benchmarking Study Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
US FDA Compliance in China and India: How to Prepare for a GMP Inspection Life Science
Competency Management: Essentials for Optimizing Business Performance Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical
Technology’s Role in Improving SOP Management Processes Life Science, Learning Management