Best Practices for Deploying a Learning Management System

As many of today’s life science companies continue to expand globally,
and focus on outsourcing of traditional manufacturing and clinical operations,
they may struggle with learning management within their quality
management and compliance programs.

As companies seek to transition from a paper-based training process to
an online system, they spend a great deal of time evaluating the software
vendor’s functionality.

After selecting the system, they often realize that the software alone may
not solve their compliance challenges. A system functions best when it
is surrounded by well-defined quality plans, processes and procedures
that govern the use of the system. This makes the entire learning process
sustainable over time.

UL EduNeering has compiled our Learning Management System (LMS)
deployment best practices, and have mapped out five deployment stages
that assure compliance and improving the learning experience.

These five stages are based on deployments conducted with more than
250 life science companies, in which we have helped strengthen their
global quality programs via effective training management. Our clients
have told us that the deployments and use of ComplianceWire LMS has:
1) reduced the risks of non-compliance, 2) helped the company realize
operational efficiencies, and 3) built a stronger learning culture within
their organizations.

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