UL EduNeering is continuously enhancing the ComplianceWire platform so it can support a number of initiatives your organization requires:

Educational Portals: clients can use ComplianceWire as a secure, web-based "educational portal" targeted to unique audiences: physicians, clinical study teams, distributors, suppliers, and more.

Integration Services: ComplianceWire can receive data feeds from enterprise applications to automate user maintenance, new training assignments, operator certification, and more. The system has been integrated with some of the world's leading document management systems, HR information systems and manufacturing execution systems, greatly reducing the administrative effort.

Mobile Support: iPad users can download the ComplianceWire app to take training via their tablets. 

The Tools & Technology that support ComplianceWire

  • Data Center

    Our Cloud Computing model means that UL is responsible for the computer hardware, operating system, security and personnel needed to deliver our solutions – saving clients from excessive capital investments and operational commitments.

    Our expert learning management system IT staff is responsible for creating, managing and supporting our technology-based solutions, to assure that all systems run smoothly and securely in our wholly-owned, secure data center.


  • Integration with Mission-Critical Applications

    LMS Integrations

    A Learning Management System (LMS) gains significantly more power when it's properly integrated with other mission-critical applications.


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  • ComplianceWire Learner App

    Download the iPad App and empower your workforce on the go like never before. With UL EduNeerings ComplianceWire Mobile App, your employees will have access to their To-Do List and supports ComplianceWires functionality including CICS, quizzes, exams, forms, electronic signatures, EduFlex courses, and AICC courses.

    Download the ComplianceWire Learner App here