Integrate with Your Mission-Critical Applications

An LMS gains significantly more power when it's properly integrated with other mission-critical applications. Here are three examples:

Document Management Integration

An update to a document automatically triggers actions for employees. This solves the compliance challenge of how to properly distribute and track SOPs and other critical documents and changes to those documents in a timely way. Once alerted, employees must not only read, but must also demonstrate understanding. Increasingly, clients use ComplianceWire to extend the reach of their existing document management systems, thus improving operational efficiency and document-based compliance.

Manufacturing Control System

When integrated with a manufacturing control system, our learning platform provides control over who can access particular machines, resources or systems based on whether or not those operators are qualified; if ComplianceWire indicates insufficient qualification, access to the system is prevented. Other clients have extended this capability beyond manufacturing systems to ERP and other enterprise-wide applications, where work privileges need to be managed based on a record of the employees' training qualifications. This safeguard helps managers reduce errors related to inadequate training and run operations more efficiently.

Human Resources Information System

By feeding updated user information directly into the LMS on a nightly or weekly basis, the new employee on-boarding process is completely automated. What's more, this integration consolidates employee training records for more convenient compliance tracking.