Third Party Training and Compliance

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Improve Knowledge Flow to Distributors, Agents and Vendors – While Reducing Corporate Risk

In the past few years, as countries have enacted more stringent anti-corruption laws and focused on “third party compliance,” many Life Science companies have incorporated web technologies to manage educational activities to distributors, contractors and agents.

However, compliance teams still struggle to deliver ongoing activities to third parties. In many cases, compliance teams are unable to store third party “risk profiles” within the enterprise HR and enterprise training systems. This prevents compliance teams from building more automated tools that collect risk profiles, deliver online training and document completions from third parties around the world.

To build a more formalized, proactive compliance program that helps detect global regulatory risks, compliance teams are focusing efforts on delivering engaging, real-world training and communications that are “localized” for specific regions around the world. They are also seeking tools that capture risk assessments electronically, making data analysis more efficient and cost-effective.

UL EduNeering provides cost-effective Third Party Compliance Solutions through our ComplianceWire platform, our compliance and ethics course libraries and our powerful assessment tools - and are available in over 30 languages. This helps assure delivery and documented receipt of training and communications to targeted third parties, based on their risk profile.

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