Quality & Compliance Essentials

Course Sets Targeted to Specific Life Science Compliance Training Areas

UL EduNeering’s “Quality & Compliance Essentials” are sets of self-paced eLearning courses that are targeted to specific areas of a Life Science compliance program. What’s new about the Quality & Compliance Essentials program is that Life Science organizations can pay a single price for the set, and then be able to deliver this content to as many learners as possible. Under this model, pricing is more predictable, and training teams can budget more effectively than under a subscriber or “pay per completion” model.
Each set contains five courses that are focused on the general topic, and the content is delivered as SCORM files to clients, so they can add them to their own learning management systems. Other delivery methods are available, including AICC and delivery through our own ComplianceWire® learning management system.

Each program is built on a foundation of proven content. Within each set of the “Quality & Compliance Essentials” are courses that have been used by dozens of UL clients as part of specific compliance certifications. In fact, the courses in each program have received more than 70,000 completions from Life Science companies of all sizes since 2012. 

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An Engaging Learning Experience

To ensure the learners retain the material, each course contains “interactive quizzes” that must be completed before learners can move to the next chapter. Learners can take these quizzes as often as possible to achieve the 80% passing score. These attempts are not reflected in their qualification record.

In addition, courses contain a number of interactive activities that engage learners. These interactions also “chunk” critical information, which has been proven to improve retention in adult learners.

Convenient Delivery

Courses can be delivered in one of three methods:

  • SCORM: Course files are provided in SCORM, so they can be delivered via your organization’s SCORM-compliant learning management system. Optional maintenance fees are available, in the event that the courses are updated to reflect new regulations.
  • AICC: Course files are delivered as AICC, so they can be delivered via your organization’s AICC-compliant learning management system.
  • ComplianceWire®: Courses can be delivered through UL EduNeering’s ComplianceWire learning management system for an additional fee.


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