EduXpress: SMB Online Compliance Solution

EduXpress® is designed for emerging companies faced with regulatory and compliance training needs within their organization. These companies within the life science, energy, utilities, and other regulated industries have the same quality and compliance challenges as their larger counterparts. But unlike larger organizations, emerging companies must develop and manage these programs using less staff (HR, IT, quality) and under tight budget constraints.

To help emerging companies achieve their compliance goals, we have developed EduXpress, which combines our authoritative courses with our award-winning training management system, to help emerging companies meet their regulatory requirements and gain operational efficiencies. 

Capturing Regulations from Federal Agencies

UL’s learning resources are developed through our relationships with FDA and nationally recognized subject matter experts that have domain expertise in critical regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, EPA, DOT, HHS and CMS. Our industry-focused authoritative curricula of over 700 courses target the diverse needs of learners, regardless of language, culture or education. Subjects include:

  • Life Science Organizations: FDA-authored and/or reviewed courses identical to those used by FDA to train its inspectors and investigators;
  • Energy Operations: More than 80 standardized courses on safety topics and other activities regulated by EPA, OSHA and DOT;
  • Environmental, Health and Safety: Curricula focused on workplace subjects, such as employee confidentiality, sexual harassment, site security, and health and safety;
  • Ethics, HR and Risk Management: Customized, company-specific courses, including Codes of Conduct, reinforcement of corporate culture, issues related to specific drugs or devices, and regulations from OIG and SEC;
  • Health care: Curricula that enable health-care organizations to comply with the requirements of HIPAA, CMS and HHS.