Environmental, Health & Safety

Engineering and construction companies have overlapping, enterprise-wide goals: regulatory compliance, safety, ethical behavior and cost-effective operations. Despite the differences in those objectives, they are all reliant on a workforce that is committed to and capable of meeting the company’s policies, procedures and standards. That workforce will provide the necessary skills to meet project quality, cost and scheduling requirements. It supports safety, enabling companies to minimize the potential for on-site injuries or environmental harm. And it promotes a cohesive culture based on learning and compliance.

UL has developed programs that identify the knowledge needs of new hires, assign relevant training based on existing knowledge and job responsibilities, demonstrate competency and document all training activities to support long-term certification and employee development. 

Our training solutions are used to minimize environmental impacts in protected environments, minimize safety risks on multi-contractor projects, provide pathways for employee development and enable compliance with the requirements of DOT, OSHA, EPA, FERC and state regulatory agencies. Our 90-course library enables rapid deployment of training to address key skills and compliance topics, while customized courses are employed to train employees and subcontractors on company-specific policies, procedures and processes. All learning activities are validated by the learner and documented in audit-ready format to facilitate monitoring, management and regulatory reporting.