Talent & Performance Management

Talent Performance and Competency Management Solutions


Once an organization has met their compliance goals, they can start to define their performance management and employee development goals:

  • How can we properly assess our employees' technical competencies?

  • Does our performance management process actually improve product quality?

  • How can we effectively measure the impact of employee skills to our bottom line?

ComplianceWire is integrating key Talent, Performance and Competency Management tools, letting you reach into your company's talent ecosystem to measure the individual and overall performance of your workforce – and the ultimate effect to your bottom-line success.

ComplianceWire – the Regulated Industries' Quality & Compliance Training/Talent Management Solution

  • Improve workforce skills & competencies within established role-based talent training programs to drive business performance
  • Bridge the gap between those who manage technical competencies and those who manage corporate & leadership competencies
  • Provide content & programs that help organizations move talent from compliance to competency
  • Build on the LMS foundation of a compliant & effective role-based talent training management infrastructure
  • Define, develop and measure “technical skills & competencies” that drive employee talent development, improve employee retention and improve bottom-line results
  • Competency Management

    Drive superior business performance and talent management with an appraisal process that ensures every employee’s competence and professional growth supports your organization's talent ecosystem. Align individual's goals and objectives to those of your business, driving overall performance and revenue.

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  • Talent & Succession Planning

    Identify, prepare and retain valuable talent through assessment tools, development strategies, readiness and comparative profiles. Analyze and track employees’ talent management, performance history and retention risk to support your organization’s short- and long-term strategies.

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  • Analytics and Reporting

    Talent management Dashboards and Custom Reporting and Analytics tools provide executives, managers and administrators easy access to talent data, identifying impacts, trends, progress and results.

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  • Social Collaboration

    Embedded message fields, similar to common social platforms provide employees with a familiar interface to communicate with management/subordinates, plus share ideas, tips and support in real time – fostering a more effective team atmosphere.

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