Leverage Competency Management to Drive Business Performance

Drive superior business performance with an appraisal process that ensures every employee’s competence and professional growth supports your organization's talent ecosystem. Align individuals' goals and objectives to those of your business, driving overall performance and revenue. Our Competency Management tools provide streamlined appraisal and "skill gap" tools so that managers can continuously discuss performance goals with direct reports -- to ensure these goals match departmental objectives. Competency Management tools can be easily integrated and configured to match your organization's specific processes, which reduce development time and costs.

Our Advisory Solutions team has helped clients build an operational skills framework that is based on these seven steps:


Competency Management Key Features

  • Personalized Tools

    Clients can choose tools relevant to your organization, and customize them to match your processes.

    • Proactive Performance Reviews and Appraisals
    • Skills and Competency Assessments
    • Robust Workflow Management
    • Configurable Review Forms
    • Customized E-Mail Notifications and Message Board
    • Dynamic Drag and Drop Dashboard Management
  • Goal Management

    Integrated Competency Management tools provide easy access to key information at the appropriate level for executives, administrators, managers and employees - this in turn enables managers to track the progress of competency growth and performance goals:

    • Strategic Goal and Objective Alignment
    • Cascading goals
    • Goals can be free text, or tied to client-defined KPIs
    • Automates Performance calculation
    • Integrated with performance appraisal process
    • Single- and Multi-Level skills and competency models are supported
    • Coaching wizard helps supervisors create meaningful goals and feedback
  • Reporting & Analytics

    The Competency Management system includes comprehensive Reporting and Analytics tools. Ad Hoc Reporting and Analytics tools provide administrators with the ability to create and publish meaningful data across the enterprise.

    • Robust Ad Hoc Reporting Tool
    • Report Scheduling Management Tool
    • Powerful integrated Analytics Tool