Building. Sharing. Belonging.

ComplianceWire’s Social Learning features integration provides aid to the organization to build "sharing communities" that are secured and alive, constantly allowing users to share their knowledge and expertise with others in the company’s secured community.

ComplianceWire offers an interface that’s familiar with social media users, providing similar abilities. Your employees can get access to in-the-moment, usable knowledge from a peer, manager or expert in your company, securely – through our integrated posts, Blogs and Articles, and Discussion Forums; all of which can be monitored and/or moderated to maintain your organization’s professional “voice” internally.

  • Features

    • Blogs
    • Wikis / Knowledgebase
    • Social searches combine relevant social data with other search results
    • Content Ratings
    • Collaboration
    • Discussions
    • Comments on all social objects
    • Built-in tools to report abuse
    • Administrative Control
  • Benefits

    • Develops higher level thinking skills
    • Promotes employee/manager interaction and familiarity
    • Increases student retention
    • Builds self-esteem in employees
    • Enhances employee satisfaction with the learning experience
    • Promotes a positive attitude toward the subject matter
    • Creates an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning
    • Uses a team approach to problem solving while maintaining individual accountability
    • Employees explore alternate problem/solutions in a safe environment
    • Stimulates critical thinking and helps employees clarify ideas through discussion and debate