Identify, Prepare and Retain Talent Throughout Your Organization

ComplianceWire's Talent and Succession Planning tools help you manage your talent ecosystem as well as prepare for organic changes within your workforce. Through assessment tools, development strategies, readiness ratings and comparative profiles, our Talent and Succession Planning tools analyze and track information about candidates' level of competence, potential, performance history, as well as retention risk.

Succession planning identifies your organization's talent and targets needs for succession planning to maintain your competitive advantage. Talent and Succession Planning tools create and track each employee’s knowledge, abilities, competency and readiness to effectively execute the organization's short- and long-term strategies. It also shows you where your weak links are and provides tools to help you focus on those areas of concern.

Talent & Succession Planning Key Features

  • Customized Tools

    Flexible configuration options allow clients to customize tools based on the company’s talent and succession planning workflow.

    • Configurable Talent Profile forms
    • Robust workflow management
    • Configurable Review forms
    • Customized E-Mail Notifications and Message Board
    • Dynamic drag-and-drop dashboard management
  • Talent & Succession Management

    ComplianceWire’s Talent and Succession Planning tools provide access to talent profiles for administrators, managers and employees.

    • Side-by-side comparison of talent
    • Role summaries, skills, competency requirements and readiness ratings
    • Individual Profiles help identify and track high potential employees
    • Customizable, online resume and CV builder
    • Online editing of Talent Profile data and Position Requirements
    • Integration with Competency Management (facilitating the ability to effectively measure performance against performance and goals.)
    • Reporting & Analytics

      The Talent & Succession Planning tools come with a comprehensive Reporting and Analytics tool. Ad Hoc Reporting and Analytics tools provide administrators with the ability to create and publish meaningful data across the enterprise.

      • Gap Analysis Reports on individuals and/or groups of candidates
      • Readiness Ratings based on employees' ratings by managers and others (defined in accordance with the client's process)
      • Robust Ad Hoc Reporting Tool
      • Powerful integrated Analytics Tool